Thanksgiving for Syria

A simple way to share your Thanksgiving bounty with the people in Syria and the surrounding region.

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Ways to share

Migrant Offshore Aid Station

This charity has a fleet of rescue boats patrolling the Mediterranean to save migrants and prevent catastrophes at sea.

Refugees Welcome

This charitable organization matches people with spare rooms in more than 20 countries with refugees who need housing.

Hand in Hand for Syria

This aid agency works directly inside Syria to deliver food, clothing, blankets, water, sanitation and medical assistance. The group aims to prevent people from fleeing Syria and helps them stay.

Syria Relief

The largest Syria relief organization in the UK, their focus and current objective is to provide support and care to those 7.6 million internally displaced by the conflict.

Doctors Without Borders

While not exclusively focused on Syria, by all accounts this organization plays a vital role in helping the people affected by conflict.

Operation Refugee Child

Carry the Future urgently seeks your help in providing refugees with essential items that will be directly delivered to them by Carry the Future volunteers. For $15, you can make a direct impact on a refugees life by providing a care package.

Small Projects Istanbul

Provides access to classes, supplemental education, and scholarships to Syrian children in Turkey.

Karam Foundation

A US-based charity offering educational programs for displaced Syrian children. The group supports humanitarian relief projects and is raising funds to rebuild Syrian schools.

The Worldwide Tribe in Calais

This travel blog documents the Jungle refugee camp in the Calais, France. They also raise relief funds for the people in this camp, as well as migrants entering Europe on boats.

The organizations listed above were vetted in this article by Public Radio International except Operation Refugee Child.